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certain civil rights. >>> that sex scandal that brought down david petraeus continues to grow and it continues to get more bizarre. now another high level military commander is under investigation. emily smith has the new twists in this case. >> reporter: in simple terms this is a story about a top general david petraeus, his successor john allen and two women. the fbi, cia, pentagon, the white house and congress. >> i am puzzled by what has occurred in the fbi investigation. >> reporter: the form e director admitted to an affair with broadwell which came to light when the fbi investigated what were described as jealous e-mails that broadwell sent to kelley. now allen is under investigation for sending e- mails to kelley. authorities are scouring 20 to 30,000 pages of document. >> it makes you wonder how he would have the time to do it and motivation to do that from afar. >> reporter: the news about allen which president obama learned about the same day petraeus resigned has put allen's nomination to be nato's stream commander on hold. he remains on duty in afghanistan. >> the
fiscal cliff to the scandal that brought down david petraeus. >> i hear you have some questions for me. >> reporter: at a press conference where president obama wanted to focus on plans for the next four years, the first question arose from the past few days. >> general petraeus had an extraordinary career. >> reporter: the president said his former cia chief's abrupt resignation following the exposure of an extra marital affair was based on a personal decision. >> i have no evidence at this point from what i've seen that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> reporter: next topic, the looming fiscal cliff where tax hikes and spending cuts kick in in the beginning of the year unless congress strikes a deal. >> i'm open to compromise and new ideas. >> we should not hold the middle class hostage while we debate tax cuts for the wealthy. >> reporter: the tone from capitol hill is mixed. >> the elections are over with, and this is an opportunity for us to turn the page. that means to the president of the united sta
: and it is not just about the david petraeus affair any more there are stunning details in the scandal that brought down the cia director. now, another u.s. general has been caught in the same tangled web. it is a mess involving two different generals and to married women. this is becoming incredibly more complicated. the whistleblower, the petraeus family friend jill kelly. she told an fbi acquaintance that paula was sending her jealous e-mails to stay away from petraeus. now, cut to the man who succeeded petraeus in afghanistan, general jo- elljohn allen-has been exchanging flirtatious e- mails with jill kelly. it is not only embarrassing it was just 48 hours away from you is confirmed as a military commander in europe. >> at the request of the secretary of defense his nomination has been put on hold. >>catherine: kelly is a married for the socialite and a friend told reporters that she would " four outrageously " with a string of military chiefs. inviting them to lavish parties and a month or $3 million tampa mansion. the mystery fbi agent who knows her reportedly sent her shirtless photos of hi
continues from the sudden and to see i a david petraeus after it the extramarital affair. and the search for answers in indiana after a deadly explosion. and the popular children's actor accused of having an inappropriate relationship with an underage away. ployunder age boy >> the fall out continues from the sudden end to c i a director, davis petraeus. after he admitted to an extramarital affair. and the search for answers. >> biographer, paula broadomoree.. the back story led to the cia director downfall. >> this affair started two months after he was in the cia and about two months ago. this senior u.s. intelligence adviser told congress in october. this is from the family friend, jill kelly. she received at e- mails as at threatening and it was tracked to paula broadwell.. there is another timing matter he was going to testify this week about september 11th c september consulate in libya. and a cnn and the source that petraeus never gave classified information. and he says that the cia was put at risk. >> there is a 0 percent chance that national security was at risk or compromised.
to compromise and new ideas to break the blockage hangover deficit-reduction. and also david petraeus. resign. but because of an extramarital appear a fair. >> also, this was the scene in oceanside new-york as exasperated public officials and furious residents gathered for a rally against the long island power authority. hundreds of thousands of people on the east coast are still without power. residents, kennedy's new jersey, new york are angry over the slow pace of recovery it has been almost two weeks since hurricane sandy ravaged the region. people in the northeast of is the feeling storm battered as a snow continues to hit the area slowing down cleanup efforts estate deal with scenes like this. amounts of snowfall blanketing neighborhoods. catherine heenan. >> these lines are crazy but a rationing program in the new york city and long island this seems to be helping some people can be waiting an hour instead of three, four hours. >> it saved me three hours this morning. >> still, drivers are wondering why they have to obsess about the fuel gauge after a 11 days. people are angry about th
on the revelation that cia director general david petraeus resigned friday of eighth love affair. turns out the fbi started investigating the a couple of months ago after >>reporter: reported getting harassing e-mails telling her to stay away from petra eus... when the fbi dug deeper, fearful somebody has compromised his e-mails, pala brought wel brought wel--pa broadwell... his biographer and his lover turned up. meanwhile former cia director michael hayden says the resignation of a highly decorated for general is sad but the agency will survive. >> coming up your full forecast and a beautiful day today expected. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. i am making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed! [ ding ] dad, the cable's out! you got that right? [ kiss ] thank you ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the m
in the 50s. we do have some rain i will let you know that is coming up. >> david petraeus. . the decorated army general ran the cia for the last 14 months suddenly. after admitting to having an affair. they believe that this is the one at the moment, it is not sure if this is who he had the affair with. chris lawrence take a look into this. >> in 2003 he had the airborne during the tour in afghanistan and a roc highanti- iraq and he got the nickname, king david in 20 07 bush appointed him to lead all the troops in the ro iraq he became somewhat of a sensation with his ruling however, president obama fired him during his rolling stone comments made with the magazine. however, he was a run of with speculation that the a political ambitions. some would wonder if he would appear on the presidential republican ticket teeth knocked down the those rumors. >> we're not going to run a political campaign, we are running a war. >> he admitted that obama decided to withdraw thousands of troops from afghanistan is technically faster than he wanted. >> the ultimate decision was more aggressive formulati
than usual tracy -- >> these resignation of david petraeus the top commander in afghanistan john allen is under investigation of 40's are investigating alleged inappropriate messages between general allan and kelly for kelly served as an unpaid social liaison reportedly sparked the investigation. jill kelly received a threatening e- mails from the woman that general petraeus was having enoug an affair with = = he is a four-star marine general that has succeeded petraeus. president obama and nominated alan to be the supreme commander. we are learning that the president is now putting that nomination on hold. >> thank you, the california state university will meet this morning to consider higher fees. those who take more than a fall load or repeat courses could see more fees. some of the arguments from students have been that the class is the need to press toward are not being offered. students are going to ask the border post trusties they will consider this and long beach. governor jerry brown is expected to attend those meetings. >> we will have more on this developing story. it has b
madyun if kron 4. it and a former cia david petraeus will testify on the deadly terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. there were four people killed on september 11th including u.s. ambassador, chris stevens. there were some questions on weather he was going to testify after he resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair. senator, dianne feinstein says that he could appear as early as friday in front of the sounin front of the senate intelligence committee. >> this agent was approached by a friend, jill kelly that she was receiving threatening e-mails from paula braodwell,, biographer and mistress. >> it has been 18 years since etan patz. has been missing. pedro hernandez will be in a manhattan court room he apparently confessed to a prayer group at this church in new jersey in the 1980's. his attorney says hernandez is been diagnosed with schizophrenia and what he says in court will answer any questions. child disappeared all looking to new york school bus stop in 1979. >> the manhattan nanny has been charged with killing the two children. she is facing first and second-
and when regarding the david petraeus is certain sudden departure of the cia. there also try to figure out what happens next. >> general david petraeus the sudden resignation from the cia believes washington with her questions and answers. he quit saying he had an extramarital affair. they say that this was shocking. >> i do not know anyone who was not shocked by this. he is such a straight shooter, a cornball really. they're really very decent guy. this is not one of those things were you there something there must be something there. >> the rate affair was apparently with this one and paula broadwell a married mother of two. she by outer 5 to try as with the story all and. sources say fbi had been investigating bridewell for allegedly sending letters to another woman who was close to the stress. chairwoman dianne feinstein said they should have known about the problem and she plans to investigate the fbi. >> this is something that could have an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. >> a spokeswoman for house majority leader says that kantor talk to the fbi last m
. and national news a stunning announcement the announcement of david petraeus... has resigned as cia director. this is unacceptable as a husband and the leader of an organization. the fbi is investigating any potential security risks. he is a retired u.s. army general and served as the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, the roc a iraq and deputy cia michael...morelle was replaced. >> this ceo of waffle house has been a victim of sexual harassment. and in a statement to atlanta police the woman alleges ceo joseph rogers has been a recipfor 10 years. caressing her --. the woman resigned from her job in june and went to the police for months later. no official charges have been filed against rogers. >> american airlines has reached an agreement in principle with its pilots. saying the deal addresses most pilots' concerns. the air line filed for bankruptcy last november and is trying to cut costs. it has struggled but delayed flights, cancellations only 59 percent of their flights arrived on time in nearly 1400 flights. also, the jet blue fiasco pilot is free today after a rant about terrorists f
the rain chance is coming up in my next report. >> a new twist for the resignation of david petraeus the top u.s. commander in afghanist allen isr investigation authorities are looking into alleged inappropriate messages that general allan ascend to jill kelly. jill kelly is an unpaid adviser. she received a threatening e-mails from paula braodwell general allen is a four-star rain that has succeeded petraeus. president obama had nominated general allan to be the supreme commander of nato. now, that nomination has been on hold. >> in the bay iraq the californ university boardtrbay . and many are in the impacted are trying to graduate. they want to free up class's for incoming students but this fee will just punish students who could have had to repeat a class or switch majors at the last minute. >> it is sad to say that i was one of those students that we did. i think it was because i could not get the classis so i took longer than normal. once i got and, i this will impact further students and there is a meeting with jerry brown later. >> we will be back with more in a few moments.
the petraeus scandal we will be right back. coming up, the latest from david petraeus >> good morning, 5:29. we are looking at downtown san francisco from a van ness. you cannot see much from this shot but will check with erica. >> good morning, darya. it is a few degrees warmer than just 24 hours ago. there are no issues of the visibility. and from the james lick and downtown san francisco is would take a look of the numbers 51 degrees with 40's in the san jose, oakland. chilly in concord just 39 degrees and as we go towards this afternoon warmer compared to yesterday's. tomorrow will be the warmest of the week. mid-60s with 70's for some of the south relocations and looking ahead we do have the potential for what weather going into friday with heavier weather with-wet weather. impending storms your kron 4 7 day around the bay, george? >> thank you, erica we continue to monitor the decent drive to the san mateo bridge. is a smooth commute and a quick commute check showing that things are looking good. the problem that occurred earlier on the 580 westbound is just before the 205 interchange. it
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